What is a Ltd Co. Mortgages

Ltd Co. Mortgages

A limited company mortgage is a specialised type of financing designed for businesses structured as limited companies. It allows the company itself to secure a mortgage to purchase commercial properties or investment properties. With a limited company mortgage, the company's assets and liabilities are separate from the personal finances of its directors or shareholders.

However, as these points can be variable dependent on scenario, it is important to speak to a trusted mortgage adviser so that you know your options. It is also important you speak to other qualified advisers in specified areas, such as a tax adviser for tax, an accountant for your Income and a legal expert with regards to how this could affect you legally.

Limited company mortgages enable businesses to strategically invest in properties, expand their operations, generate rental income, and optimise their financial resources for long-term growth.

Most Ltd Co. Mortgages are non-regulated so it is important extra care is taken when making your decision.

Your Home (or property) may be repossessed if you do not keep up repayments on your mortgage or any other debts secured on it. Some forms of Buy to Let Mortgages and Commercial Finance are not regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. The Financial Conduct Authority does not regulate commercial finance and some forms of buy to let mortgage. 

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